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A Salem House Cleaning Service cleans wi

Professional Cleaning Services

We guarantee 100% satisfaction and are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent and professional cleaning. We offer a range of services, from house cleaning to business cleaning and move in/move out cleaning--all in the greater Salem, Oregon area.

House Cleaning

It is our ultimate goal to make our client's homes safer and cleaner. Our trusted team cleans with the utmost professionalism and respect while using only the safest, most natural green cleaning products. We love house-keeping and love getting to know our clients! Save precious time by contacting us today for our Salem house cleaning services and let us clean so you don't have to! 

A house bathroom cleaned by Dazzling Bri
A Salem house cleaned by Dazzling Bright
Salem residential cleaning services done
A residential kitchen cleaned by a house
A clean kitchen counter in a Salem Orego



A business cleaned by a Salem business cleaning company
A dental office cleaned by a Salem commercial cleaning service
A clean apartment complex cleaned by a Salem business cleaner
A clean commercial office cleaned by a Salem Oregon commercial cleaner

A clean, professional workplace environment is extremely important for any business. Dazzling Bright cleaning provides trustworthy, meticulous, and detail-oriented green cleaning that ensures proper hygiene and a healthier business environment. Contact us today for a custom Salem business cleaning estimate. 

Moving? Detail cleaning an entire residence can be an extremely daunting task. Let us do the work for you! We offer an all-encompassing cleaning service to make sure your apartment, duplex, or house is left dazzling bright. Contact us today for a custom estimate on our Salem move-in cleaning or our Salem move-out cleaning services. 

Move-In Cleaning & Move-Out Cleaning

A clean, empty apartment cleaned by a Salem move in cleaning company
A residential room cleaned by a move out cleaning service in salem Oregon
An empty kichen cleaned by move out cleaning Salem oregon
A new home cleaned by a Salem oregon move out cleaning service
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