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Sally Naden, founder of Dazzling Bright Cleaning Services

A love for Cleaning

Sally Naden grew up in a family of seven, the oldest of five kids. She was given much responsibility, including ironing, washing the dishes and helping with siblings. Sally loved learning from her father, James Carpenter, who cleaned while serving in the airforce for four years. James taught Sally how to clean with meticulous care and attention to detail. 

Sally enjoys growing and nurturing a team that loves cleaning and providing clients with a healthier, fresher place to live--a team that really cares about its people and their homes and businesses.

Sally Naden, Founder of Dazzling Bright Cleaning

A natural, effective, green cleaning service that's kind to you and your home

When Sally became a stay-at-home mom, she began cleaning for a friend. Much to her dismay, many of the chemical-based cleaners she tried were virtually ineffective.

Over time, as Sally cleaned for more and more people, Dazzling Bright Cleaning was born. It was always her goal to grow and provide clients with quality cleaning. Thus began her search to find cleaning products that were both effective and natural.  


Eventually, Sally found environmentally friendly cleaners that actually worked! Not only did these cleaners contain absolutely NO harsh chemicals, but they were also effective. This meant Sally’s team could clean and provide each client with a higher standard of quality, as well as a fresh, healthy environment that wouldn’t cause problems for children or those with autoimmune diseases. 

green cleaning product
The Dazzling Bright Cleaning Staff

Professional team, high-standard cleaning 

After 13 years of cleaning on her own, Sally realized she needed to expand in order to service more people. Her team grew and so did Dazzling Bright’s client base. 


Today, the Dazzling Bright team cleans for more than 70 clients, both in homes and in commercial establishments all around Salem, Oregon. Our team is known for its professionalism and quality cleaning services. Our hiring process is rigorous and our employees are trained on an ongoing basis. 


It is our joy to serve our clients as well as support our community through the gift of cleaning! 

The Dazzling Bright Cleaning Team 

About Us

"I like working for Dazzling Bright because of the very friendly and appreciative clients. It feels like what I do makes a difference in people's lives. I'm very thankful to have been working for almost 4 years with this great company."

Dazzling Bright Cleaning Team Member
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