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Giving Back

Dazzling Bright Cleaning loves to give back to the local communities that we serve in the greater Salem, Oregon area.

Families in treatment for pediatric cancer

Darian's Gift nonprofit Logo

Three and a half years ago, Sally Naden's grandson was diagnosed with Leukemia. It was a difficult time for the whole family. Darian's Gift gave his family free tires, gas cards, and grocery cards. In return, Sally wanted to give back. That's why Dazzling Bright Cleaning has committed to donating 1 free professional cleaning per month to a family whose child has cancer or disease through nonprofit, Darian's Gift. Darian's Gift is a cancer resource foundation that "supports local families in treatment for pediatric cancer through financial assistance, physical acts of service, “Family Days” and emotional support."

Active & Inactive Military Veterans

We are so thankful for the sacrifice our veterans make for our country. That's why we give every active or inactive veteran a 10% discount for every professional cleaning, as well as one free cleaning once per year. 

Disabled veterans receive the same care above, as well as two free cleanings a year. 


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